Dame Evelyn Glennie /
Dominik Połoński

Olga Hans - Sinfonia Concertante for cello and percussion "Entelecheia"

Dame Evelyn Glennie - percussion
Dominik Połoński - cello

Manager: Kacper Salzman
tel: +48 22 646 46 28
mob: +48 501 142 085
mail: kacper@salzmanmusic.pl

Dame Evelyn Glennie is an extraordinary artist. As the first in the history of music, she decided to treat her percussion as a solo instrument and by asking contemporary composers to create pieces according to her view, Evelyn has revolutionised the whole attitude to percussion. Nowadays, she is the top percussionist in the world and one of the most accomplished and recognizable people in England. In addition, she has accomplished it while being severly hearing-impaired.

Dominik Połoński is an exceptional artist as well. The disease brutally interfered with the start of his cello career – he has graduated from an elite university in Madrid and toured the world giving concerts and winning prestige international contests. Having defeated brain cancer and despite paresis of the left body side, Dominik has returned to playing cello. He was triumphal in his return and his premiere of Cello Concert for right hand by Olga Hans (in cooperation with the Polish Radio). Thus, he drew the attention of prominent composers who find creating a piece for right hand challenging. At present, there are more than a dozen of pieces being written especially for Dominik and he has become the first right-hand-only cellist in the world.

We have succeeded in arranging the cooperation of these two unique artists. So far, they have played two concerts together – 16th of October 2012, as a part of Huberman Festival in Częstochowa, they performed Double Concert for cello and percussion conducted by Adam Klocek. This piece has turned to be a prototype of Sinfonia Concertante "Entelécheia" by Olga Hans which was performed then on 15th of February 2013 in Łódź Philharmonic and conducted by Massimiliano Caldi.

The duo has already proved a milestone in the history of music and our wish is to present it to audiences as broad as possible. The artists plan to commission one more concerto, again by a Polish composer and to record a CD with the above mentioned two pieces. If you are interested in this project, please contact me – I will gladly provide all required information concering Sinfonia Concertante by Olga Hans or another planned piece.

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