About Us

Salzman Music is an agency originated from the Philharmonic Agency - the most prestigious agency on the classical music market in Poland in previous two decades.

I continue the ideas that started my father - Jerzy Salzman - says Kacper Salzman, the Agency's owner - however, in "Salzman Music" we intend to focus mainly on promoting Polish musicians.

On the list of Salzman Music artists, next to some predominant music stars, can be found a real elite of Polish musicians of a young generation. These are special individuals with a creative approach to music, a gift of arousing listener's emotions and imagination.

We are professionally engaged in every aspect of a career of young Polish talents - from the booking, through the coordination of recording, to PR. Simultaneously, we observe the progress of the youngest, the most promising instrumentalists, trying to give them support even before they will enter the path of serious career.

The agency also puts emphasis on the modern multimedia programs which help to arouse interest of a new listener in classical music.

The classical music is a field of art which reacts slowest to changes. While museums, galleries and theatres move with the times, philharmonics last in a traditional form of a concert. Respecting tradition, we try to look for a niche for the classical music presented in modern setting. Such projects as Dj and the Dame, Kronos Quartet, or Ultimate Paganini are the modern multimedia shows based on the music played by the great instrumentalists. I believe that the integration of the music and the most modern multimedia techniques will help to arouse interest of young listeners in the classic - Salzman emphasizes.

Apart from promoting selected names from our list, Salzman Music will continue the tradition of preparing projects created for the promotion of Polish names.

We are on a good path to create several astonishing cooperations between Polish and foreign musicians. Additionally, the popularization of the Polish repertoire among foreign stars is our constant goal.

Kacper Salzman